Agile Messenger - Medium


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Our Agile Messenger camera bag was designed here in Australia and is one of the lightest camera bags in its class.
The medium size camera bag is perfect for bringing your DSLR or mirrorless camera on any day trip.

It comes in two parts - a light but durable bag and a separate inner padded camera case.  This provides a lightweight and flexible solution for carrying your camera gear. 

What Gear Fits

The medium Agile Messenger is designed for a DSLR camera with 3 lenses. For example, this could be an attached 24-70 f2.8 and two prime lenses. Alternatively, you could store with two lenses and a speedlight. 

The padded dividers that protect and support your gear can be moved to suit your needs, giving you the flexibility to pack your way.

Size and Weight

Medium messenger bag is W 33cm - H 24cm - D 13cm

Medium inner camera case is W 27cm - H 21cm - D 11cm

The combined weight of medium Agile Messenger including inner case is 513g. (1.13 pounds)

Dividers: Extra thick padded dividers to make sure your gear is protected from bumps. 

Straps: It includes a wide strap to help disperse any weight and a thick shoulder pad to cushion heavier loads. 

Mesh pockets: These take up minimal space yet expand to hold a drink bottle or other items like sunnies. 

Camera storage: It comes in 3 sizes to suit your gear needs, from small mirrorless setups to a large DSLR and 4 lenses. Our large can even carry a DJI Mavic Pro and small mirrorless camera kit. Check out the bag sizes. 

Zips: All external zips on the messenger bag use weather-resistant seals on the zippers. 

Internal camera case: Our camera system uses a separate soft camera case to store your gear, giving you the flexibility to bring or leave your camera gear. You can also pack the camera case inside another bag if more convenient for travelling. 

Extra pockets:  You always need to store smaller items like lens cloths or filters so we have included space for those items, without creating lots of redundant moulded pockets, which are bulky when unused. 

Material: The main material is lightweight 600D Nylon. Durable enough for everyday use while not adding much bulk or weight.