About Us

Who We Are

As a family business, we have a personal stake in what we do. Poca Designs is a labor of love, a journey that we are committed to, and we are deeply passionate about the products we create. 

At Poca Designs, we invite you to discover the magic of photography without the hassle of carrying heavy gear. We believe in lightweight, versatile, and compact bag design, and we're dedicated to helping you enjoy your photography adventures to the fullest. We're not just about camera bags; we're about elevating your photography experience. Welcome to Poca Designs, where passion meets practicality, and your camera is always ready for the perfect shot.

What Is Poca?

You might be wondering, "What is Poca?" Poca is the Scottish Gaelic word for "bag," and we pronounce it as "poh-ka." It's more than just a name; it's a representation of our Scottish Australian heritage and our commitment to creating the perfect bag for your photography needs.

Our Mission

At Poca Designs, we're on a mission to simplify the lives of photographers on the move. As a small Australian company, agility and adaptability are woven into the fabric of our existence, and our camera bags mirror this spirit.