Bring your camera everywhere

Do you ever leave your camera at home?

What is the main reason most people don't bring their camera with them? Normally it is because the bag is too heavy or too bulky. These are two things we wanted to solve with our Agile Messenger bag. 

How light are our camera bags... 

We use durable yet lightweight nylon for our outer bags. This gives just the right balance of weight and strength for all but the most demanding environments. Even with our padded camera case inside you will barely notice you are carrying it. Your camera gear is heavy enough, you don't need the bag adding weight. 

Here are the weights of our Agile Messenger bags (including the padded camera case inside)

Small bag 319g

Medium bag 513g

Large bag 715g

In the photo above I was carrying a fully loaded large Agile Messenger including my 70-200mm f2.8 zoom lens. 

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