A camera bag for every adventure

The large Agile Messenger camera bag is the perfect way to carry your gear securely whatever adventure you are embarking on.

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Recommended for Adventure Photographers

Agile Messenger
Large camera bag

We believe our large Agile Messenger is the best messenger style bag for adventure photographers.

You will love this bag's lightweight construction and large capacity. It comes in two parts - a light but durable bag and a separate inner padded camera case - for flexible storage of your gear. It fits a DLSR camera and up to 4 lenses, or a DJI Mavic Pro and mirrorless camera.

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Was $115.  For a limited time $92

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"I just absolutely love my new Agile Messenger camera bag.... so much storage for my camera gear. "


1st Sept 2018

"I've been searching high & low for a nice compact camera bag that is not too heavy & I've found it!! "


21st Aug 2018


"Love the bag!"

John G

24th Oct 2018


The combined weight of our large Agile Messenger including inner case is a tiny 715g. Perfect when you don't want the weight of the bag to add much to the weight of your gear.

Large Capacity

You can fit so much into this bag. The large Agile Messenger can fit a DLSR and up to four lenses. Or it can even fit a DJI Mavic Pro AND a mirrorless camera. Perfect for whatever adventure photography challenges you have in mind.

Protection & Flexibility

The thick padded inner case dividers that protect and support your gear can be moved to suit your needs, giving you the flexibility to pack your way.

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